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Mathias Deuscher- Nature Photography
Since I was a boy I was hooked by the nature. My childhood was always influenced / formed by the local surrounded European nature. Later during my time at college and university I explored many otherwise eco-systems throughout the world (South-America, Asia and Australia). Also in that time my attention shifted from the subject botanic to zoology. I started photographing the nature from the time I studied Biology at the University. I'm interested in all wildlife instead of photographing only the avian fauna like many full-time professional photographers. For me it isn't so essential to get perfect photos of species even if they are rare or threatened.  My greatest picture is one with a biological bastard (hybrid) of two different species of sapsuckers / woodpeckers (Red-naped Sapsucker and Red-breasted Sapsucker). In addition I truly enjoy to take pictures of landscapes and flora by traveling through foreign countries especially North-America. It isn't in my intention to create photos for business or publishing. In addition I actually want to avoid the pressure for sale those photos.

Unfortunately as a college-teacher for Geography and Biology I'm exclusively able to travel within the public school vacations but I must admit the periods of free time are fairly adequate. After I graduated from the University of Hamburg with a Master degree in biology-assessment / valuation I moved to a awesome ecosystem (Lueneburger Heath) located in the southern suburban area of Hamburg. Although I live in a very exciting photographing area I prefer to explorer and photograph the ecology of North-America. The reason for my preferences is the breathless nature with a blend of various ecosystems on this continent. Furthermore many territories are primeval and that means those areas were unaffected under the pressure of  humanity for the last centuries. After twenty years of traveling through North-America  I will slowly close this segment and set up my focus to Australia from 2020.  

My portfolio contains exclusively a tiny impression of over ten thousands of photos. These photos should raises awareness of the natural beauty and variety. Please
feel free to contact me for comments. Any criticism are sincerely appreciated!